Swimming Pool Renovation in Hove, Sussex

This case study presents the full renovation of an old and dated concrete swimming pool located in Hove, West Sussex. The client wanted to transform the overall aesthetics and to create a fun environment for the whole family to enjoy. This included a counter current system for exercising, a new automatic slatted cover to improve energy efficiency and safety.   Porcelain paving was chosen to create a modern and contemporary look and feel.


The main challenges faced by the renovation project included:
• Replacing all pipe work to meet modern standards of efficiency, safety and aesthetics.
• Installing a new counter current system.
• Re-locating the filtration and heating system.
• Ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape.
• Completing the renovation within a strict timeframe and budget.



To address these challenges, the following solutions were implemented:
• The pool was drained and the concrete shell inspected for any structural damage.   
• All new pipework was installed including skimmers, inlets and low sumps to allow for a quicker turn over rate and to meet regulatory requirements.
• Complete new filtration system was designed and installed ensuring reduced chemical consumption, improved efficiency and reduced maintenance.
• A new heat pump was installed to provide energy-efficient heating. 
• The pool was resurfaced internally with a durable and attractive finish.
• New pool copings and patio were installed to complement the renovated pool and enhance the overall aesthetics of the outdoor space.

During Construction:


The successful renovation of the swimming pool resulted in the following benefits:
• A modern and energy-efficient swimming pool that meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.
• Minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape and property, ensuring a smooth and seamless renovation process.
• Completion of the renovation within the agreed timeframe and budget, demonstrating efficient project management and execution.


The swimming pool renovation in Hove, East Sussex showcases the successful transformation of an old concrete pool into a modern and inviting oasis. By implementing innovative solutions and adhering to strict project parameters, Aqua Revive delivered a stunning and functional swimming pool that exceeded the client’s expectations.

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